Popular knowledge already said: “Genius and figure to the sepulture”. One of the first cover letters of marble was its use in the tombstones of the wealthiest families to rest in peace their loved ones with class and distinction.  Its resistance to the inclement weather and innate elegance extended very soon its use beyond funeral art and employment in great works and monuments to everyday elements and, in particular, to the world of interior and luxury design.

Marble luxury Project: Stairs and floors
marble luxury floors

Even the smallest detail counts. Associated with style and good taste, marble has become one of the most appreciated materials in residential projects and high standing properties. Its finishes, highly refined and quality, make each piece a unique work of art, which also revalues the house. The versatility it offers, both in facade cladding and in floors, stairs or kitchens, together with its good physical-technical qualities make this one of the favourite materials by architects and designers to give an atmosphere of luxury and natural elegance to their projects.

spanish marble house

Marble uses and applications

Indoors, we find a beautiful and durable natural stone that, with regular maintenance, has to shine with its own light any stay.

With a well-rated waterproofing treatment, we can use marble in both bathrooms and kitchens, without any problem of cleaning and hygiene, shining with all its splendor. Celebrities such as Rainier of Monaco or the dressmaker Yves Saint Laurent once enjoyed one of the most luxurious and opulent bathtubs in the  capital; in the Royal Suite of Madrid’s iconic Ritz hotel; made of white marble and gold taps.

Halls and living rooms perfectly support the presence of this natural stone, where it will be seen at the first place. The Al Mourjan Lounge at Doha International Airport, with priority access for Business and First passengers, has any marble details in its incredible design, giving a chic touch waiting.

Some of the most famous stairs in history were built in marble, such as the Holy Staircase of Rome, by which Jesus climbed before being condemned; or the steps of Beijing’s Forbidden City. The honed marble is one of the best finishes for outdoor floors and pavements, thanks to the non-slip effect of its rough surface.

And if we opt for the natural stone for the cladding of facades we will have to know that, apart from the obvious added value that it gives to the property, we will find a thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to being a fireproof material. This resistance to heat, added to its great quality, have increased the demand for marble in countries such as the United Arab Emirates. In Abu Dhabi, the Grand Mosque Sheikh Zayed is built of white marble and inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones, moving the visitor to the wonderful tales of the 1001 Nights.

Nothing like using natural stone to enhance a luxury project. In La Vina Marbles we offer our customers the most exclusive marbles and travertines on the market, always guarantee of the highest quality and results.

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