They emanate quality, luxury and elegance for the fourth corners. We are not talking about ‘Manolos’, one of the most iconic footwear brands for fashionist and trending lovers; but almost. This time we are refering to the marble and, in particular, travertines. Its magnificent finishes and the many advantages offered by its technical characteristics make this natural stone a foolproof option for any type of project.

Valid both indoors and outdoors, travertine have jumped once again to the fore with special force in the world of architecture and design. And no wonder. They bring class and distinction without giving up their intrinsic nature; they do not require high maintenance and their ‘bomb-proof’ resistance have made it an extremely versatile and appreciated material.

Discover Travertine Rose and Travertine Al-Andalus


This natural stone is widely used in overlaps for its hardness and high resistance to moisture. Its clear colour -mainly in the ivory spectrum – and neutral shades give an elegant and sophisticated touch. Outside, one of the most popular finish is natural, where, due to the environment, it may suffer greater wear; while inside it is very common to see them honed, perfect for classic and discreet finish, or, polished, highlighting their brightness.


Replacing ceramic tiles or tiles with travertine can be success, achieving a long life and confering an authentic touch of luxury. Also, it can be used in washbasins, liners or countertops.  By the other hand, we will already have soap and water, most recommended for a good and simple cleaning, avoiding the use of abrasive products. On the ground, except for polished, that it can be extremely sliding (and dangerous!) , travertine supports any other type of  finish. A ‘must’, you can use it to delimit areas within the room, such as the sink and the bathtub.


Taking care against possible stains and scratches (be careful with possible acid liquids such as vinegar or lemon), we can usually say that it withstands daily use quite well. On countertops it is recommended any kind of seal. However, if we want to avoid risks and early damage we can also choose to give visibility through any furniture or even household.


Swimming pools

The resistance to heat and sunlights make travertine another of the favourite options in outdoor floors, especially in swimming pools. Its esthetic, an atmosphere full of relax and sophisticated, coexists with the functionality of its porous and non-slip surface. Its best and most authentic results are with natural or aged finishes.

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