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how to choose the best marbles for your projects or home

Exclusive, elegant and durable are some properties of an extremely versatile and demanded material: on facades, interiors, decoration, etc. However, before making your purchase, it is advisable to keep in mind a series of guidelines and characteristics of this material to be able to find the most suitable marble for your project.

Characteristics of Marble

It is easy to maintain, it has a great variety of colors and a wide price range (there are quality marbles with a great value for money). Another basic aspect is the selection of exact pieces that we want to use. It influences both the cut and the grain, giving rise to different finishes and sensations. For many people, these are authentic artworks.

This material of indisputable beauty also has very few weaknesses: having part of magnesium carbonate in its composition causes a reaction with acids.  So, it’s really important to avoid vinegar or lemon stains. In case of a kitchen countertop, it is more advisable to choose a white marble, such as the famous Blanco Macael.

Regarding budget, there is a fairly wide range of prices. We can find different options. We can start from an elegant and simple Crema Marfil more or less affordable, and go up to darker marbles and the really luxurious appearance they can offer.

Crema Marfil, one of the most appreciated material in the world

Considered one of the best marbles in the world, Crema Marfil is on the top of the preferences of architects and decorators as one of the most refined and versatile options on the market. Its clear tone and the discretion of its veins allows almost all kinds of finishes as well as uses: outdoors and indoors, as offices, airports, shopping centers as well as at home. Of Spanish origin, this light-colored marble with a uniform background provides endless possibilities of decoration for a sophisticated and elegant touch, making it one of the most demanded. On the other hand, the appreciated Dark Marble is more used on the floors and coverings. Very popular is the Emperador Oscuro or Dark Emperador. Indoors, it should be used in rooms with a lot of light; while outdoors it can be used without problem.

For slightly finishes there are other types such as Yellow marble. Yellow marble, better known as Amarillo Triana, became especially famous after the construction of the Triana Tower. This is very similar to albero color, characteristic of the city of Seville. Synonymous with luxury and majesty, Amarillo Triana marble allows any type of finish, both outdoors and indoors, specially for details.

La Vina Marbles, Spanish marbles and travertines for your projects

In La Vina Marbles we also have a wide variety of marbles with an exceptional quality and we provide the best alternatives to guarantee the success of any kind of project and achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

More than 20 years of experience in the world of natural stone and Spanish marble support our trayectory. We offer individualized advice in order to provide the best service and quality to our clients during all phases of the project.

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