Origin of Blanco Macael

The 12 most famous lions of the Alhambra have it below their feet. Majestic, pure and with a great color richness, access to one of Granada’s best-known courtyards – the Patio de los Leones – is made through the extraordinary White Macael marble. More known as the “White Gold“, especially in the province of Almeria (where it comes from, in particular, from the small town of Macael), this marble of Spanish origin could not be missing in the exclusive selection of marbles and travertine that we offer to our customers from La Vina Marbles.

White Macael marble Is very distinguished for the extraordinary purity of its white color, mainly homogeneous, with the presence of grey veins and even, some bluish. It is perfect to line both exterior -highlight the magnificent floors and terraces – as well as interiors -in bathrooms and kitchens, fireplaces or stairs.


Its best finish is polishing, thanks to the brightness and hardness that characterizes this type of rocks. However, it is also valid for other kind of finish such as bushing, brushing or sandblasting. Brushing is ideal for a rougher finish with a much pure white.

This versatility and timeless elegance, added to the resistance and easy maintenance that boasts have made it one of the favourite marbles by architects and designers. They love to use it to showing its best creations to the rest of the world. White Macael marble offers a natural and spectacular result, either in monumental works and luxury projects as in simple and more minimalist environments, where its luminosity and delicacy is evident.

Famous uses of White Macael Marble throughout History

The ancient civilizations used this incredible material, which has already endured the passage of time. Phoenicians and Greeks, Romans and Muslims knew how to see the virtues and properties of White Macael marble.  As a result, today we can enjoy major works such as the Roman Theatre of Merida or in civil and religious works in the Arab era. Floors, columns and capitals can still be seen in Medina Azahara, the beautiful Mosque of Cordoba or the Alhambra of Granada.

In the Modern Era, White Macael marble is still present in monuments such as the Monastery of Escorial, the Cathedral of Seville or the Royal Palace of Madrid. It was even employed in old bars and taverns; where it looked showy on the countertops. Today, we can see how, thanks to its well-deserved fame, it has been made with a name on the international scene. Some of the best hotels in the world use “White Gold” to decorate their buildings or, even, to serve authentic delicatessen and gourmet menus; such as the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai or Miami’s Mandarin Oriental.

Get the highest quality Marble with La Vina

These are just a few examples of the increase and consolidation of White Macael marble beyond our borders and with which, from La Vina Marbles, we want to contribute our grain of sand, working the marble of the highest quality and nobility. Past and present of our History survive, with multiple and different nuances, hand in hand with one of the most timeless and beautiful natural stones that exist: White Macael marble.

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