Material is known as the “white gold” of the province of Almeria. Marble that stands out for the purity of its white color and its natural textures. Its great versatility makes it stand out in projects of any style from monumental  to minimalist.

Main finishes: polished, honed, brushed, sandblaster.


WHITE MACAEL, white gold from Almeria

Also known as the “white gold” of Almeria, this Spanish marble owes its name to the town from which it is extracted, Macael, a place where our quarries of Blanco Macael are favored by the Mediterranean atmosphere and its olive groves, almond trees and fig trees

This natural Almeria stone stands out for the purity of its white color and delicate textures. It is mainly composed of calcite, although it also has other components such as quartz or muscovite. Blanco Macael is a type of compact and medium grain natural rock in which some grayish veins may appear, although usually its white color is usually homogeneous.

Such material is suitable for any type of interior or exterior application thanks to the versatility of a marble as extraordinary and elegant as Macael White. In fact, prestigious architects and designers have demanded this Spanish marble for use in various architectural and design projects of luxury spaces. Without going any further, we can find the Blanco Macael in large historical monuments such as the emblematic Alhambra in Granada.

This natural material admits any type of surface finish, however, its main ones are: polished, bush hammered, brushed, sandblasted. The polished finish of the Blanco Macael is the most used for this type of rocks since it is one of the most brilliant and hard natural stones. With the bush hammer, on the other hand, you can get the roughest texture of the Macael White and a purer white.

In Mármoles La Viña takes 20 years we offer you high quality White Marble Macael for custom projects or raw material. Our materials are a guarantee of quality, strength and beauty.

Minimalist white marble and natural textures.

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