As differentiator from other materials is known worldwide. Extraction is done in mountain Coto in Alicante. This material is thoroughly cream with inclusion of veins. It has a unique texture and beauty in every one of its finishes.

They are their main finishes: brushed, flamed and shotblasting



Worldwide Known for its warmth and beauty.


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MARFIL CREAM, elegance and versatility

Marfil Crema marble is a natural jewel extracted of our own quarries in Monte Coto, Alicante, which has been recognized worldwide by great architectural and interior design professionals as the most exclusive and versatile marble in the world for the realization of any interior and exterior project.

Among the magnificent qualities of this Spanish marble stands out the subtlety and uniqueness of its natural veins, whose design means that there are no two identical pieces of cream ivory and allows the creation of unique spaces.

Thanks to these aesthetic criteria, its sophisticated timeless cream colored background and the high resistance of this type of natural rock, we can find this marble material so outstanding in numerous architectural projects and interior designs.

Lavina Marbles have Ivory Cream marble to attends the most demanding needs of all types of projects internationally. If you are looking for elegance and exclusivity for your projects, you are looking for Marfil Cream of Lavina Marbles.

In addition, Ivory Cream Marble Lavina Marbles admits any type of termination, although among its main finishes they stand out in polished, bush hammered, brushed and sandblasted.

Lavina Marbles. we have more than 20 years of experience with natural stone  and we are firmly committed to quality to achieve a job well done. That is why we have demanding quality controls from the extraction of our Spanish marble materials to the installation of the final product to offer our customers the maximum guarantee both nationally and internationally.

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