DARK EMPERADOR  marble is famous for its dark color and strength. Its various brown tones and natural shine provide to this material the elegance and sophistication necessary for exclusive projects.

Main finishes: polished, honed, brushed, sandblaster.




Elegance and sophistication in dark tones.


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DARK EMPERADOR, elegance for all environments.

DARK EMPERADOR is a Spanish marble with a unique and indisputable beauty and elegance that radiates security and stability to all kinds of environments. This natural stone of extraordinary strength stands out for being a type of compact dark brown marble of uniform hue that presents in certain areas certain irregular veins in white tones.

In addition to the Dark Emperor, in Mármoles La Viña you can also find its lighter variety, known as Emperor Claro.

As with the Marfil Cream Marble, the DARK EMPERADOR is one of the marble materials extracted from Spanish quarries with the world’s greatest demand. In fact, it is a multipurpose marble that can be found both indoors (stairs, countertops, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens) and outdoors (facades, stairs, swimming pools and gardens). In addition, it is a natural marble very easy to combine with other materials and colors, so the Dark Emperor is ideal for any custom project.

The Dark Emperor always exceeds any expectation thanks to its beauty and aesthetic quality, that is why it is so known throughout the world and, above all, appreciated in China and some Arab countries.

Thanks to the fact that it is a fine-grained rock with a high resistance, the Dark Emperor admits all kinds of finishes whose selection will vary depending on the use that this Spanish marble is intended to give. The most common endings in Mármoles La Viña are: polished, bush hammered, brushed and sandblasted.

Elegance and sophistication in dark tones.

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