Marble has been, since ancient times, one of the most used materials in construction for its quality and prestige. Today, Spain can boast of being one of the largest producers and exporters of natural stone in the world. The most important sites are found, above all, on the Mediterranean coast, especially in Almeria and the areas of Murcia and Alicante. In fact, in Alicante we can find the village of Novelda, better known as “The Marble Country”, one of the main quarries from which most marble of Spanish origin is exported.

This source of wealth in natural stone has attracted the attention -and admiration – of another countries such as Saudi Arabia, which has found in marble ‘made in Spain’ a material of exquisite quality and finish to be able to carry out its projects and great works, added in large quantities.

In front of marbles of the size of Carrara, one of the favorites of the Miguel Angel artist, or those from countries such as China and India, Spain has managed to make a hole in the international scene thanks to the multitude of marble varieties –more than a hundred – that are now extracted from  our  quarries. This translates into a wide range of endless possibilities for choosing the type of natural stone that best suits to our preferences and budget. Spain even has its own Denomination of Origin marbles, such as the famous White Macael marble.

Features that make Spanish marble a unique material:

Within our rich and mix Spanish geography we find different types of marble, depending on each region. Each one has well-differentiated characteristics to which we must pay attention. In the Basque Country stands out Marquina Black marble, versatile in any type of finish and infallible for those looking for an elegant and sophisticated touch. One of its best results is achieved indoors: floors, countertops, etc.

If we are looking for a resistant and with character option we recommend a Red Alicante marble, coming from the same area that gives it its name. Its earth tones, mainly reddish, and the good performance it offers on different surfaces make this one of the most appreciated marbles in construction. Perfect for a finish full of strength and dynamism, this marble achieves its splendor with polished finish. Outdoors and facades you get a natural and full of energy atmosphere.

Considered one of the best marbles in the world, in the area of Murcia and also Alicante we find the Crema Marfil, an infallible option both for its evident beauty as well as for its excellent technical characteristics. This marble offers high resistance to impact and humidity making it an ideal alternative both indoors (stairs, kitchen countertops, bathroom, etc.) and outdoors.

For riskier and brighter bets, without giving up elegance, we propose one of our highlights such as Amarillo Triana, exclusive of southern Spain. It is one of the most appreciated marbles for the touch of luxury and distinction that it provides, both outdoors and indoors, giving the best of itself in the last one.

Although different, unique and special, from La Vina Marbles we seek a common denominator for all our marbles and travertines: the highest quality of our materials.

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